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And I love to live so pleasantly, live this life of luxury, lazing on a sunny afternoon

'If Sherlock is the ocean, depthless and brilliant and dangerous, calm and shining one moment and broiling and deadly the next, then John is more than willing to jump in. Maybe even drown.'

-My Phone’s on Vibrate for You by misslucyjane

As sparkly as that made Harry feel, there was something bothering him. “But Ron, I thought you said you’d never thought about shagging a bloke except for Quidditch players.”

Ron sighed. “Harry. Mate. You’re Harry Potter. Even monks think about shagging you.”

And then Harry died happy.

Not really. But it was a close thing.

-The Thrill of the Chase, Etcetera by tout a coup

"Bloody hell" he muttered, then smiled, because that was Ron’s favorite swear. Then frowned because that was Ron’s favorite swear. Then rolled over and try to ignore the tightening in his groin because that was Ron’s favorite swear. (and one he absolutely did not on a daily basis imagine Ron moaning as Harry licked a wide trail down his sweat damp abs). "Bloody Hell there’s more to the world than Ron bloody Weasley!"

-DeNile by Feonixis

The television fit quite nicely into their daily routine, and Harry and Ron soon developed a pastime unofficially called the threesome game, which involved evaluating people on the telly and deciding whether they would have a threesome with them.

"Him," Ron said, pointing.

"Prince William? Hell to the yes."

"And the other one?"

Harry studied the screen for a moment, where the two brothers were waving genially out at a crowd of people. “I dunno,” he said. “I think it would be weird to have two people named Harry in one threesome.”

"Confusing, to say the least," Ron agreed. This only got him thinking about having a threesome with two Harrys, which would be totally awesome.

"Him," Harry declared, and Ron looked up to see he had changed the channel.

"The Doctor? No way," Ron said indignantly. "He’d never. Too bashful. He’d pretend he only liked us platonically for like three years before he’d agree."

-Following the Chase, the Spoils of Victory by tout a coup

Let the sky fallWe will stand tall At skyfall

Let the sky fall
We will stand tall
At skyfall

(Source: s-lja)

"The internet. It’s basically a giant collection of free porn," Harry said wisely.

Again. Muggles: geniuses.

-Following the Chase, the Spoils of Victory by tout a coup